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Dust Control and Stabilization

Northlink offers our valued clients high-quality and environmentally-friendly solutions for dust control, soil stabilization, and water remediation.

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Dust Control

Dust Control products are environmentally friendly and non-corrosive alternatives to traditional road dust control methods. Not only does the Dust Control line of products offer environmentally friendly solutions for road dust control, but they are also applicable for a range of other applications, such as erosion control of mine tailings and stockpiles, and other unpaved surfaces.

Traditional Dust Stop products have a range of negative side-effects in terms of their effect on the environment, such as the use of highly corrosive chloride-based road salts, which can cause rust on vehicles and be harmful to roadside vegetation. This is why all Northlink Dust Control products are made using environmentally friendly inputs, that have no adverse impact on the environment. Beyond Dust Control products’ environmental features, these solutions have been designed to withstand heavy traffic, such as mine haul roads, yet be cost-effective enough to be used as road dust suppressants on secondary roads for counties and municipalities, with limited budgets.

All Dust Control products are applied using standard equipment and techniques, allowing for ease of use for our customers worldwide, whether being applied to a municipal road, haul road dust control project, or a mining tailings pile.

Soil Stabilizer

Soil Stabilizer is a long term solution that is environmentally-friendly and non-toxic to roadside vegetation. When used on unpaved roads, Soil Stabilizer’s unique formula results in an increased and lasting compaction of clay-based soils that can substantially decrease road maintenance costs. Treated soils exhibit excellent improvements in CBR values, reduced permeability and, therefore, a more durable road surface during wet weather.

Soil Stabilizer is not a binder – it acts on the clay component already in the road material. Comprising of a combination of enzymes, electrolytes and surfactants, it works by releasing water from the soil, enabling it to be compacted to a denser form, and it then manipulates the clay to bind it together permanently, increasing its strength and density. By using the clay-based material, significant cost savings are achieved by cutting back on expensive material costs such as aggregates and gravel.

Benefits of Soil Stabilization

  • Unique product: developed to aid the workability, mixability, binding and compaction of clay-based materials
  • All natural and bio-degradable in 28 days
  • Cost-Effective method for improving material strength and durability
  • Easy Application through standard water spraying equipment
  • Induces cationic action which binds dust particles together to help reduce road dust emissions.
  • The use of Road Stabilizer will allow for the use of marginal soil materials, thereby reducing the standard reliance on expensive aggregates and gravels. Once applied correctly, the Soil Stabilization product will result in a road material with lower permeability due to increased density, which in turn results in a harder, more durable road in both dry and wet weather.

Soil Stabilizer is bio-degradable and derives its efficacy on the clay-based fraction of the soil. After applying it, the clay particles present in the soil are no longer attracted to water, allowing for any water in the soil to drain away freely. This results in the clay/soil particles settling closer together and producing lasting soil stabilization. Unlike typical road stabilization products, Soil Stabilizer uses the clay in the soil as a binder – not the product itself. Other products glue the soil together; once that glue is gone, so are the results. Since Soil Stabilizer uses the clay in the soil as a binder, it provides lasting stabilization.

Soil Stabilizer is produced in a highly-concentrated liquid form and is applied using standard equipment and techniques. Once applied, it will reduce the tendency for a road to exhibit a number of common maintenance problems such as wash-boarding, rutting, heaving, potholing and dust. The product is super-concentrated, therefore making the product cost-negligible per kilometer or mile of road treated, as compared to alternative products or standard maintenance costs of un-stabilized roads. Soil Stabilizer is used primarily to stabilize the base or running surface of an unsealed road, but can also be used under pavement of any kind, and for stabilization of subgrades, etc.