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Northlink Supply carries various geocomposite options to meet project requirements through various options of layered geosynthetic combinations. Geocomposites provide added benefits such as enhanced functionality, optimized performance, increased installation speed, and cost management.

Northlink’s Geocomposites are made from high compressive strength cores and combined with nonwoven filter fabrics to provide clog resistance and long-term flow capacity. These products are ideal single-sided subsurface filters and are used to provide a consistent drainage medium for retaining walls, cut-off drains, and landfill closures.

Northlink Supply Geocomposites offer:

  • Reliability: Consistent and proven long-term performance due to a multi-directional core configuration providing a uniform flow path for water to escape.
  • Pressure: Relief of hydrostatic pressure buildup against subterranean surfaces.
  • Drainage: High-flow drainage capacity of up to three times the flow capacity of aggregate or sand, assuring effective drainage for virtually any drainage need.
  • Strength: High compressive strength core that withstands installation and in-situ earth stresses.
  • Cost Efficient: Cost savings due to the lightweight, easy to install 1.22m x 15.24m (4’ x 50’) panels. This saves the transportation cost of bringing aggregate to the construction site.