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Let Northlink help you better understand the issues behind any erosion problems you may be having.

Northlink provides:

  • Industry leading erosion control expertise
  • Site-specific erosion control solutions
  • Innovative products and techniques

New thinking about erosion control beyond surface water management to help deliver dependable site stability.

Gain Control of Your Erosion Control

Meet Our Erosion Control Expert

Ian Corne, CPESC, M.Land.Arch., B.E.S.

Ian has over 25 years experience in civil earthworks and landscape construction with 18 years in geosynthetics and 12 years as an erosion control and surface-water conveyance expert.

Ian is a published subject matter expert on the topics:

  • Contribution of Erosion Control Practice to Failure
  • Contribution of Geosynthetics to Riprap Failure
  • Use of Geosythetics to Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Reinforced Turf Performance; 20 Year Case Study

Ian bolsters Northlink’s ability to help you balance demanding project scheduling with protecting the environment.

Ian Corne Publications

Canadian Geotechnical Society, 2016
Nuisance Flow as Failure Mechanism of Conveyance Structures and the Contribution of Geosynthetic Design Practice

Transportation Association of Canada, 2018
Canadian Geotechnical Society, 2018
Surficial Slope Instability and the Potential Contribution of Erosion Control Practice

Canadian Dam Association, 2017
Geosynthetically Reinforced Vegetation Spillway Armouring; Twenty Year Case Study

Transportation Association of Canada, 2014
International Erosion Control Association, 2015 (retitled)
Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Utilization of Turf and Root Reinforcement Mat (TRM) Technology in Green Armouring of Civil Structures as Compared to Traditional Rock Armouring