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Perimeter Protection – Silt Fence

Perimeter Protection (often referred to as silt fence) is installed to protect water quality from sediment (loose soil) during stormwater runoff.

Northlink Supply offers:

Stenlogs (Straw Wattle)

Stenlogs offer a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly alternative to silt-fence. They are designed to trap sediment on slopes and channels.
Available in 9” and 12” diameter in both photo and biodegradable netting.

Fiber Rolls

Fiber rolls are fully biodegradable and a longer-lasting alternative to the Stenlog.

  • Bio 3 – Constructed from straw, jute, net, and cotton thread
  • Bio 4 – Constructed from straw, coir, jute net, and cotton thread

Dewatering Bags (Sediment Bags)

Dewatering Bags are utilized to reduce surface water pollution from stormwater runoff. Specifically designed to help retain the sediment and debris during dewatering operations to reduce environmental impacts.

Turbidity Curtains (Floating Silt Curtains)

Turbidity curtains provide an effective and price sensitive solutions to prevent the spread of silt and sediment in water bodies.