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Stikine Concrete, a division of Northlink Supply Ltd., your reliable source for top-quality portable concrete, shotcrete, and pre-cast solutions.


·        Mobile Shotcrete & Concrete

·        Mobile Precast

·        Mining, Civil & Pipeline Materials

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Mobile Batch Plants

State of the art Bohringer 120, designed with efficiency in mind utilizing a decumulative system.

The advanced Marcotte batching system delivers precise mixtures and real-time mix adjustments for superior and consistent results.


  • Bohringer 120

  • Production Capacity:90 m3 / hr

  • Marcotte Batching System

  • Compact Footprint


Wet Shotcrete

Our advanced wet shotcrete delivers reliable strength in time-critical situations.


Our proven proprietary mix design and industry mining experts ensures safe delivery of wet shotcrete, reducing costs, labour, and improving safety and site conditions compared to dry shotcrete.


  • Superior Strength
  • Superior Performance Mix Designs
  • Extensive Experience
  • Increased Safety and Cost Reductions

Industry Experience
NewCrest Red Chris Mine, BC

Stikine has delivered on time, safe shotcrete and concrete products to the Red Chris mine in NW BC, including a  challenging and critical 650m  pour for the VR1 vent stack. This monolithic pour had to be completed within 36 hours and and could not contain any cold joints,

Our impressive safety record and professional, reliable performance has earned us accolades and our customer’s respect.

  • 1,000 m3 per month
  • 650 m3 monolithic pour with no cold joints completed within 36 hrs.
  • Winter operations
  • Pre-cast Production