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CH15HS Flameless Heater

The CH15HS heater features a patented turbine engine technology to produce substantially more heat while consuming the least amount of fuel. The flameless heater features powerful static fans which help deliver hot air up to 500 feet away.
The heater also features a 110% containment system to prevent spills and leaks on site. Being self-contained and portable, the heater does not require an external source of power and can be maneuvered with ease. Using the simple controls, you can toggle between the low, medium and high modes based on the application.
The proprietary catalyst technology ensures that the hot air produced is virtually free of emissions. Unlike other diesel heaters in the market, the CH15HS does not produce any unfavourable byproducts like smoke or soot.
The durable design combined with top notch safety features make this heater an ideal option for a wide range of industrial applications.

CH15MS Flameless Heater

The CH15MS heater uses a patented magnetic heat generating technology to produce clean, hot air for industrial applications. Featuring an inbuilt thermostat, you can control the CFM and temperature to control air flow and heat output while performing crucial applications.
A 110% self-contained design ensures there is no spillage on site. Capable of producing a temperature rise up to 2400 F in minutes, the heater is extremely easy to operate. An onboard diagnostic software system performs real-time fault reporting making the heater extremely easy to service and maintain.
The rugged design of the heater makes is perfect for industrial environments. Whether you are heating multiple well heads on an oil and gas site or performing a coating operation on a tank farm, the CH15MS will be a great fit.

CH12MS Flameless Heater

The CH12MS is an extremely portable heater that uses a patented magnetic heat generating technology to produce a high volume of hot, dry air and consuming less than 3.5 gallons of fuel per hour. With a small footprint and a compact design, this unit is perfect for a variety of applications.
The CH12MS heater features a light tower attachment making it a valuable equipment for remote sites with poor lighting.